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Lunar Eclipse in Australia - April 4, 2015 - Total Moon Eclipse Time on 4/4 - Aus Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane - NASA Timings

Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on April 4, 2015 (Saturday) is Visible in Australia. The timings, duration of Moon Eclipse in various cities is listed below.

- Partial Eclipse will be Visible from 9.15 pm AEDT to 12.45 am AEDT

- Total Eclipse is from 10.57 pm AEDT to 11.03 pm AEDT.

Detailed Eclipse Timings:

- Partial eclipse starts at 9.15 pm AEDT on Apr 4th Night
(i.e., 6.15 pm AWST ;       8.45 pm ACDT ; )

Total Eclipse begins at 10.57 pm AEDT on Apr 4th Night
(i.e., 7.57 pm AWST;       10.27 pm ACDT; )

- Greatest Eclipse at 11 pm AEDT on Apr 4th Night
(i.e., 8 pm AWST;        10.30 pm ACDT; )

Total Eclipse ends at 11.03 pm AEDT on Apr 4th Night
(i.e., 8.03 pm AWST;        10.33 pm ACDT; )

- Partial Eclipse ends at 12.45 am AEDT on start of Apr 5th
(i.e., 9.45 pm AWST;         12.15 am ACDT; )

Total Moon Eclipse:

Total Lunar Eclipse can be seen in Sydney in New South Wales (NSW), Melbourne in Victoria, Perth in Western Australia, Adelaide in South Australia, Brisbane in Queensland, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, New Castle, Wollongong

- Note: In Some parts Moon will rise after the start of eclipse, so people will not be able to see full duration of Lunar Eclipse

The Total Moon Eclipse can be seen in Asia, Australia, Americas, USA, Canada, Pacific

Next Lunar Eclipse: September 28, 2015

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Eclipse table, predictions courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. For more information on solar and lunar eclipses, see Fred Espenak's Eclipse Web Site:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam - Live in TTD SVBC - March 28-3-2015 - Sri Rama Navami Kalyanotsavam Time Live Schedule

Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Rama Kalyanotsavam will be live telecast by TTD SVBC Channel on Sri Rama Navami March 28, 2015 (Saturday) from 10 am IST

Live Streaming in:

Webcast, podcast, online stream of the tv channels can be seen in web tv websites

Bhakti TV, Sri Sankara TV might also most likely live telecast the Sri Seeta Ram Kalayanotsavam from Badrachalam

Today is Sri Rama Navami. Lord Vishnu took avatar as Sri Ram to uphold Dharma and protect the Universe from the atrocities of Ravan and other demons

At many places bhajans, satsang, akand parayan of Sri Valmiki Ramayan, Tulasidas Sri Ramcharitamanas will be held

One can also see Aastha Bhajan, Bhakthi Tv, Sri Sankara TV for devotional programmes on Sri Rama Navami

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Lunar Eclipse UAE, Saudi Arabia - April 4, 2015 - Total Moon Eclipse Not Visible - Gulf, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Dubai

Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 (Saturday) is Not Visible in Persian Gulf region including United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Qatar

Gulf Cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Mecca, Istanbul, Ankara Adan, Sana, Amman, Damascus, Halab, Kuwait City, Manama, Doha, Beirut, Tripoli, Al-Manamah cannot see eclipse this time

Note: Penumbral Eclipse which is difficult to see even through Telescope might be visible at some places. For accurate details contact your local authorities.

The Total Moon Eclipse can be seen in Australia, Pacific, Asia, Americas. Partial Eclipse can be seen in many parts of the world

Next Lunar Eclipse: September 28, 2015 (Monday)

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Eclipse predictions courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. For more information on solar and lunar eclipses, see Fred Espenak's Eclipse Web Site:

IND vs AUS - SemiFinal - Live in DD1, Star Sports - ICC World Cup 2015 - India vs Australia - Sydney SCG March 26-3-2015 - Doordarshan DD Time

India vs Australia - SemiFinal - ICC World Cup 2015 - will be live telecast by Doordarshan DD National Channel (DD1) and Star Sports March 26, 2015 (Thursday)

Live Streaming in:

Webcast, podcast, online stream of the world cup matches can be seen in

Match Start Time - 9 am Morning IST
Toss Pre-Match Program - From around 7 am in Star Sports; from around 8.30 am in DD1
Venue: Sydney SCG

All viewers of DD1 can watch India vs Australia match on March 26th. New Zealand has qualified for Finals

Live score, who won the toss, playing 11 can be seen in Cricinfo, Cricbuzz, NDTV Sports, Star sports and other websites

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Kanchipuram Panguni Uthiram Festival 2015 Schedule - Kanchi Sri Ekambareswarar Temple Peruvizha Dates - Thiruvizha Utsavam

Kanchipuram Arulmigu Ekambaranatha Swamy Temple 14 day Panguni Uthiram Peruvizha Festival will be held from March 24 to April 6, 2015. The schedule given below.

24 March 2015 - Tuesday - Kodiyetram (Flag Hoisting) at morning 6 am to 7.30 am IST;
- Pavazhakal Chaparam
- Evening - Simha Vahanam; Ambal in Killi Vahanam

25 March 2015 - Wednesday 
- Morning - Surya Prabhai Vahanam
- Evening - Chandra Prabai Vahanam; Ambal in Anna Vahanam

26 Mar 2015 - Thursday 
- Morning - Bhootha Vahanam
- Evening - Swami, Ambal in Pavazhakal Chaparam - Chinna Kanchi Ezhuntharuli Aesal

27-3-2015 - Friday
- Morning - Naga Vahanam
- Evening - Velli Idabavahanam (Silver Rishaba Vahanam)

28 March 2015 - Saturday
- Morning - Velli Adhikara Nandhi Vahanam
- Evening - Kailasa Peeta Vahanam

29 March 2015 - Sunday
- Morning - Arupathu Moovar Nayanamar Thiruvizha - Kannadi Vimanam
- Evening - Velli Ther (7.30 pm to 9 pm IST)

30 March 2015 - Monday
- Morning - Therottam (Chariot, Car Festival, Rathotsavam, Maha Ratham)
- Evening - Maha Abhishekam

31 March 2015 - Tuesday
- Morning - Pichadanar Darisanam
- Evening - Guthirai Vahanam

1 Apr 2015 - Wednesday
- Morning - Aalmel Pallaku
- Evening - Velli Mavadi Sevai

2 April 2015 - Thursday 
- Morning - Sabanathar Darisanam
- Evening - Thirukalyanam - Panguni Uthiram
on 3rd April very early morning 3.30 am to 5 am - Thanga Idaba Vahanam (Gold Rishaba Vahanam)

3-4-2015 - Friday
- Morning - Kandhapodi Urchavam
- Evening - Velli Urithirakodi Vimanam - Pandham Pari Sevai

4 April 2015 - Saturday
- Morning - PurushaMiruga Vahanam
- Evening - Panchamurthi - in Golden, Silver Rishaba Vahanam

5-4-15 - Sunday
- Morning - 10.30 am to 12 pm Noon - Thirthavari 
- Evening - Yanai Vahanam - Kodierakam

6 April 2015 - Monday
- Morning - Urchava Shanthi - 108 Kalasabhishekam - 108 Sangabishekam
- Evening - Thirumurai Urchavam in Pon Vimanam

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